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"Hi there… I have one hot site to show you… I'll just peek at it for you… Let me show you around… Fantasy comes in many forms in this transgender website. These adult comics are filled with hot tranny action. Follow the tales of men who are turned into sexy shemales. With their little male thingies locked away in chastity cages, these men have a chance to truly explore their femininity. blushes… This looks really neat…

This is what happens to one hot transgender. He is the slave of a powerful master. The slave has had hormone treatments to give the sweet little slave a set of plump breasts and decrease his male needs. Still the little slave has one more step to become the beautiful 'female' he wants to be. He must put on a chastity cage locking away his male member for the rest of his life. He knows once the metal cage was put on his manhood he'll never experience another erection again as the metal will be fixed to never be removed. It is an integral step in his master's plans. The slave is truly freed to be a female when the cage is locked over his male thingy. Imagine turning a boorish brute into the sweetest little sissy. shivers… This is really hot…

One woman decided to do this to her husband. Follow the sweet little tranny on a journey through the delights of becoming a female. To be sure, there are women that would enjoy doing this. It's a fantasy to be enjoyed on this transgender erotic site. With his male part put away, he'll be a sweet little ass sex toy. These transsexual stories are written in xxx comics and enticing erotic stories. The shemales are waiting to serve a powerful master or mistress. Perhaps you're the one to fully delight in turning him into a 'her'. Oh… It's time for me to go… I really enjoyed peeking at this sexy site with you… I hope I'll see you again… Bye Bye…"


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